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A Weekend in Berlin (December 2012)

Dieser Text wurde zusammengestellt aus einigen Mails, die ich einer (englischsprachigen) Freundin geschickt habe, die wie ich ist. Vielleicht übersetze ich das mal, vielleicht auch nicht.

This text was compiled out of several mails I've sent to a friend.

August 2012: The gift

I got a special present from my wife for my birthday: She gave me a weekend trip to Berlin! And I would be Mina all the time! This was so... wow! You can't imagine, how excited I was. So far I had most of my female experiences hidden in our home without anyone but my wife seeing. But this trip would mean, I could go out in public as Mina for at least 2 full days. We wanted to go shopping, sightseeing and maybe going to a bar or theater in the evening. And I wouldn't have to fear to get discovered when walking around with my wife, because nobody knows me in Berlin, unlike to where I live. Here you cannot step out of the door without meeting anyone who knows you or my wife. And I'm not sure if I would like the following scene, when someone we know asked my wife, who her pretty female friend is...:)

I'd probably have stay in male mode, until we're there, because on the way we bring our daughter to my parents. And maybe it's a good idea to look like the picture in my driver's license. But we've both agreed, that right when we arrive in our hotel room, I would change to Mina and stay that way till departure, including all activities like breakfast in the hotel's restaurant or what I said above.

I already thought, that I will use this chance to go into a shoe store. I can't wait to try on all kinds of sexy shoes and prance around in them, before I decide to buy a pair or two. Or to go into the women's department of a large store, rummage around and go straight into the ladies' changing room with some hot pieces of fine fabric. No hiding or tricking around, using my wife as an "alibi woman".

I was sure, I would love that. We just didn't have a date for the event yet. And it was getting quite cold this time of the year and I would rather like to wear some pretty heeled sandals, to show of my polished toes, than unsexy snow boots. Maybe we wait until next spring. More time for anticipation :)

I was not sure, if we'd go to a nightclub, but at least I wanted to hit a cocktail bar or something. Due to the long ride there we would have just one evening and one complete day and there are so many things you could do in Berlin.

I didn't think, that I would get laid during this week end. My wife already announced that she wouldn't want it, when I'm en femme for the whole time. I was a bit sad about this, because I had the slight hope, that we could do something "special", according to my role in this. You know, maybe some "lesbo action" with a double dildo or a strap-on or so. I even told her that in a more or less funny way, but she rejected. There was still a very slight hope, that she could change her mind until that day and surprises me.

Therefore I would also doubt to get laid by some guy. Even if we were hit by some nice boys, I could never do something, without her becoming part of it or at least agreeing.

Of course I had fantasies of this. I thought about two hot studs, maybe buying us drinks in a bar and having a nice, open and tolerant conversation. Sooner or later the question would come, if I was really a woman. And we would explain openly and the guys would be even more interested. Finally we would have a mind-thrilling orgy in our hotel room, ending with my wife and I, both pussies filled up with cum, snuggling into sleep.

December 2012: One day till departure

The time had come! The next day we finally drove to Berlin. Me and my wife. I had to go in male mode there, but after arrival in our hotel room I let Mina out to play until next Sunday. At least that was the goal I've set myself :-)

I was still not sure, if this could really end in a hot and steamy orgy, but it would indeed be a nice idea! But I thought I could rather be happy if I just turn the one or the other male head, when we're walking along the streets of cold Berlin.

Yes, it was cold and snowy. That meant, I could not wear any short dresses or sandals. I just had to deal with warm tights and boots and a warm jacket (we specially bought a new one for me, it's made of fake fur and looks really nice!). But that was okay.

I definitely wanted to go shopping for some clothes and shoes. And we wanted to do some sight seeing and visit a cocktail bar or so. And we had tickets for "Cirque du Soleil" (www.cirquedusoleil.com).

So we already had a full program for these 1½ days, there wouldn't be even time for sex ;-)

Just kidding of course, as we both know there's always a time for sex :-)

I was quite excited by that time. And also a bit scared (but just a little). And I hoped, my wife did not have a bad mood and is able to enjoy this trip with me. I was aware of potential situations, that could occur, where I could need her support. But I was also confident, that it will be an unforgettable experience for me and hopefully for us!

Day 1

I had a suitcase full of female stuff with me, larger than my wife's. And the only male clothes I had were the ones I wore on the way there. We had a good drive on Friday and made in about 5 hours. In the hotel the first things I did was unpacking, showering, and dressing. It had gotten a bit late, so the only thing we did this evening was walking around the Christmas market, that was right next to our hotel in the center of Berlin.

My first real steps as Mina in public. Not hidden at home, in the car or just outside in the dark with no one around. Not covered by an explanation like carnival or Halloween. I was amongst hundreds of other people in bright light and walked along in my high heeled ankle boots, wearing a long black skirt and my new grey fur coat over my top. Underneath I had my panties and bra and a long-sleeved body, together with warm pantyhose. It was cold with a bit of snow outside.

I was so nervous and excited and felt so proud and good at the same time. What helped me is, that nobody really took notice of me. Just on a few occasions people stared a little longer, but I didn't notice that very often.

First we visited the Christmas Market, that was directly next to out hotel. We walked around the little shops in small wood huts, decorated for x-mas and looked here and there. My wife got us two "Glühwein", that's a hot spiced wine you get on every German x-mas market. My self-esteem grew rapidly and I enjoyed it.

A few "real" shops were still open, so we went to a nearby shoe store, where I tried one or two pairs, but they did not fit well and the shop closed soon. I tried women's shoes in other stores before, but always hidden in various ways. This time it was in the open and sooo much more fun for me.

We visited another fashion shop and searched around, but they also closed soon, so we gave it up by the time. We were hungry and decided to go to a nice-looking steak-house. We were given a seat and had a normal and good dinner, like two girl friends. When I gave my order to the waiter, he did not show any noticeable reaction due to my voice. At the end my wife paid (I did not have a feminine wallet yet in my purse, just my ugly and old male one) and I had to go to the toilet. Of course I chose the ladies room. Unfortunately there was nobody else in there, I would have like that kind of "challenge" :-)

After our dinner even the x-mas market was closed and we were tired after that long day, so we decided to return to our hotel. I undid my makeup and got ready for the bed. We watched a little TV and talked about the evening before we both went to sleep.

Day 2

The next morning we woke up. My wife always needs a cigarette and a coffee in the morning, so she quickly threw over some clothes and went outside the hotel to get it. Of course it wasn't that easy for me. I showered and shaved, put on my make-up and chose some nice clothes. Today we wanted to go shopping.

It was still cold, so I decided for my tight blue jeans and a magenta top with black stripes over a white blouse body and again warm pantyhose. It took me some time to get finished and I was only half
through, when my wife returned. She told me a bout a nice little cafe, she found, where we had our breakfast, watching the people through the window passing by, and talking about our plans for the day.

Our first mission was to get me a cap and some gloves. Did I mention, it was cold? Well, over night we got about 15 cm of snow everywhere around. Fortunately there was a department store right next to our hotel, where we got a black woolen cap and black leather gloves for me.

The next stop was a souvenir shop where we got something for our daughter. There's a little sandman in television for children (www.sandmaennchen.de). The original was invented by Eastern Germany, but it even survived the version from Western Germany. We got a cute one, who plays the original sandman melody from TV :)

Then we entered a bargain store, where we got several items. For me I got eye liner, mascara and a black clothes pen, because the leather cover at the back of my ankle boots was ripped and you could see the white lining beneath. I fixed that later in the hotel room, because for the moment I had my short furred leg cuffs, that match my fur coat pretty well in color.

Next came, what I had been waiting for: A shoe store, full of sales bargains! I looked around and found a a lot of pretty shoes. Unfortunately not many of my size. But I wanted some knee-length boots, so I tried everything, I could find in my size. Although I was not lucky, I enjoyed trying women's shoes a lot! Pair after pair came onto my stockinged feet and I walked around the shop in them. The store was full of people and again I felt so normal and natural. In the end I got two pairs: Some white mules for home and garden and some pretty heeled sandals, but both only wearable in summer.

Afterwards we needed a rest and went to another x-mas market nearby. There's much more than only one in Berlin. We got another Glühwein and something to eat. And I found a nice little wallet in magenta. Finally I could stuff my money in a more feminine repository and buried my male wallet deep in my purse.

We came along a little x-mas shop for sweet and hot chestnuts and I had to get some. I always do this for decades now, when I find some on an x-mas market. The sales lady was extremely nice to me. I'm sure, she noticed my true nature, but I had no problem with it anymore. Whereas at the beginning of our trip I was even afraid to speak to someone because of my low voice, by now I was confident enough to talk to anyone. I just tried to sound less harsh, because raising the pitch of my voice made me sound like Mickey Mouse :)

We continued our walk around Berlin, but the weather was really nasty and we got a bit lost and had to walk over a mile to the next shopping location I knew: The Friedrichstraße, which goes right through Checkpoint Charlie, the famous allied border post at the Wall.

Most shops here are quite expensive, but we discovered a H&M where we searched around the racks. I found two skirts and went to the changing room to try them. One was too large, it fell from my hips, but the other fitted perfectly and I bought it. Alone, without any help of my wife, of course :)

It was already late in the afternoon and my wife was getting a bit tired of all that shopping. I convinced her to go to at least one more shoe store. I still wanted some boots for tonight! But the only ones I found were far too expensive, even to just try them one. But I wanted to try them at least once, so I slipped in some pretty leather boots for more than 250,- €. They felt good, but this was definitely too much, so I took them off again after walking around a bit and we left.

I had promised to go back to our hotel, so we did it. A short stop at another Glühwein stand and we were "home". It was time to get ready for the evening. I told you, we had tickets for Cirque du Soleil.

I decided to take another shower and I had to re-shave my face. My dress for the evening was a white leather skirt and a gray and black top. Beneath I had on a white body with roll neck and again warm pantyhose. Lacking some nice boots I took on my black wedge high heels. Unfortunately I cut myself while shaving and had to still my bleeding, before I could do my make-up. It got later and later and my wife got pretty nervous. We were already a few minutes before another marital quarrel.

It was too late to take the underground, so we took our car. We know we we short of fuel, but I said, it's enough. We just should find a gas station very soon, which is not easy in the center of Berlin. My wife asked, if I could drive with my heels on, but this was no problem for me. Although I had to admit, that my feet did hurt a little by walking around in heels all day. But I had to be a tough girl and made the best of it. I owned that to my wife. The tickets were my present for her birthday. Thanks to our guidance system we made it no time and arrived just in the moment, when they started to close the big white tent. To our luck there was a gas station right next to the circus areal.

The show was absolutely awesome! Very romantic, passionate, funny and exciting! I can only recommend to visit it, when they are touring in a location near you :)

In the pause we went outside to have a smoke. Some people watched us standing there. Yes, I have to admit, that a big long haired blond girl with a flashy grey fur coat and a short white leather skirt may have been a bit of a sight. But I just smiled whenever somebody looked into my eyes. After the cigarette we went into the awning, where they sold drinks and souvenirs. I got a cola and we found a pretty pink shirt with a white print of wings on the back for our daughter, before we went back to the second half of the show.

When it was over we drove to the fuel station first and I got out to fill our tank. My wife paid, because she had to visit the toilet anyway. Then we drove back to our hotel and parked in the underground parking next to it. We were hungry and decide to go to a nice looking Italian restaurant next to the steak house, where we have been the day before.

We had a fantastic meal with some Rosatto wine. Two women sitting together at candlelight dinner and talking about the day and the evening. Nothing abnormal. The rest of the evening was as event-less, we just went back to our room and I finally had to say bye-bye to Mina, when I removed my make-up and undressed for the last time during this weekend. I was little bit sad, because I knew it was over now, but all good things must come to an end.

The next morning my wife again stood up, got dressed and left for her obligatory coffee and cigarette. I stayed in bed a little longer, I didn't have to do the "full styling" today. I still had my pink nail polish on and a hard morning clitty. We did not take as many pictures a I would have wished for. Normally I'm the one, who photographs any worthy moment in our life or on vacation. But I had hoped, that this time my wife would shoot as hell, but she didn't. Therefore I do not have a lot of photos, I could show to you. I'm really sorry, mum. But in this moment I took the chance and made some shots of my shaved hard clitty with my manicured hands wrapped around.

I really wish I had a lot more pictures to remember this unforgettable week end.

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