Mina K.
Zwischen zwei Welten

The Most Comprehensive NSFW Ask Around

I've found this questionnaire here and thought, it would be fun to fill it out (although some answers are still missing) :-).

About You

  1. What is the size of your penis/breasts?
    penis about 16 cm when erect and (fake) breasts usually a D cup
  2. Does your penis have a curve?
  3. Are you circumsized?
    no, but sometime I wish I were, because it would be easier to wear a chastity cage
  4. Have you ever had an STD?
  5. Have you ever been pregnant/gotten someone pregnant?
    yes, I've got my wife pregnant
  6. What type of underwear are you wearing?
    all my male underwear are strings; as a female I sometimes wear body-shaping underwear or go commando with just my chastity cage, otherwise it's usually string panties resp. lingerie
  7. What is your favorite type of underwear?
    female panties & lingerie
  8. When was your last erection/arousal?
    I have daily erections when not in chastity
  9. Have you ever had an erection which someone noticed?
    don't think so (besides my partner when we're about to have sex)
  10. Has anyone seen your private parts other than yourself?
    a couple of people, like my parents and my sister when I was younger or my girlfriends, various sex partners and my wife when I was older
  11. Explain your ultimate fantasy.
    my wife being my full-time mistress; having sex as a woman (crossdressed)
  12. What are your turn-ons?
    feminine feet, crossdressing, bdsm, golden showers
  13. What are your turn-offs?
  14. What is the strangest thing you've ever been turned on by?
    sex with animals
  15. Have you sent a sexual ask to someone on tumblr (Anonymously or Not)?
  16. Have you sent a nude photo or video to someone?
    yes, mostly photos
  17. Did it include sexual acts?
    yes, but only sexual acts I did to myself
  18. Have you ever posted a picture or image of you in the nude on a website?
    yes, but only anonymously
  19. Did it include sexual acts?
    yes, but only sexual acts I did to myself
  20. Have you ever anonymously sent/posted a picture or video of yourself in the nude?
  21. Did it include sexual acts?
    yes, but only sexual acts I did to myself
  22. If someone you knew asked for a nude image, would you do it? What about a tumblr follower?
  23. What was your latest sex dream about?
    unfortunately I rarely have sex dreams
  24. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about someone?
  25. Was it about anyone other than your lover?
  26. What was the last fantasy about?
    being with another man, who treats me as a woman in all respects
  27. Have you ever fantasized about someone older/younger than you? How much older/younger?
    not really
  28. Have you ever told any of these people that you fantasize about them?
  29. Do you have a favorite person or few people to fantasize about?
  30. How often do you fantasize about other people?
    not very often, only when there's a certain situation with these people
  31. Have you ever showered with someone?
    yes, with my wife
  32. Have you ever confessed you were aroused by someone?
    I don't think so
  33. Are you open about your sex-life and sexuality?
    mostly, but not to everyone, unless it's anonymous
  34. Do you orgasm easily?
  35. Have you ever played "7 minutes in heaven"? Explain the experience.
    no, that's not really known in Germany
  36. Have you ever played "spin the bottle"? Explain the experience.
    yes, but I can't really remember, what happened; I guess, it wasn't sexual
  37. Have you ever played "Truth or dare"? Explain the experience.
    yes, but I can't really remember, what happened; I guess, it wasn't sexual
  38. Have you ever played strip poker/strip beer pong/etc?
    played strip poker until everyone was naked and had sex (no partner swapping)
  39. Do you shave your pubic hair?
  40. Have you ever had your pubic hair shaved?
  41. Do you prefer clean shaven or unkept?
    clean shaven
  42. What is your favorite type of underwear for the opposite sex?
    sexy lingerie or leather
  43. Do you own any lingerie?
  44. How much lingerie do you own?
    more than I can count
  45. Whats your favorite lingerie outfit?
    garter belt, stockings, panties, bra
  46. Do you like the way your genitals look?
    sometimes I wish, they would look more like a female's genitals
  47. Are you comfortable naked?


  1. Do you masturbate?
  2. How old were you when you first masturbated?
    13 or 14, I guess
  3. How often do you masturbate?
  4. When is the last time you masturbated?
  5. Do you masturbate to any stimulus?
  6. What do you think about?
    when reading or writing stories or watching porn, I think about them of course; otherwise I let my fantasy take me away
  7. What is the last thing you thought of or masturbated to?
    getting fucked in the ass while in chastity
  8. Have you walked in on or caught someone masturbating?
  9. Have someone ever walked in on or caught you masturbating?
  10. Have you ever had cyber sex?
  11. Have you ever had phone sex?
  12. Have you ever had a wet dream?
    no, not that I know of
  13. What is your method of masturbation? (i.e. Hands/Toys/Lotion/etc.)
    usually with my right hand, sometimes using baby oil, but I also use vibrators occasionally
  14. Are you loud or quiet when you masturbate?
  15. Has anyone ever watched you masturbate live online?
  16. Has anyone ever watched you masturbate in person?
  17. Have you ever masturbated with someone? (Mutual masturbation)
  18. Have you ever watched someone masturbate live online?
  19. Have you ever watched someone masturbate in person?
  20. Have you ever masturbated to someone?
  21. Who do you like to think about when you masturbate?
  22. Have you ever told them you think about them while you masturbate?
  23. Whats your most embarrassing masturbation story?
    When my mother came into my room while I was doing it.
  24. Whats your funniest masturbation story?
  25. Have you ever used something unique or strange to masturbate?
  26. Is it easy for you to orgasm or do you have to work for it?
    depends on my horniness
  27. Whats the easiest way for you to get off?
    using cock bondage, some lotion or oil and my right hand
  28. Is there only one way you can get off? (i.e. Vaginal/Clitoral/Toy Use)
    no, there are multiple ways
  29. Does anyone know you masturbate? How did they find out?
    I told my wife, that I'm masturbating a lot, hoping she would put me into chastity to stop that. But she never did it (yet).
  30. Have you masturbated because your partner wasn't around to help? Where were they?
    I'm masturbating often when my wife is in bed
  31. Have you ever masturbated to a fictional character?
  32. Are you able to achieve orgasm through only non-conventional or indirect methods? (Breast Play/Hands-Free/Anal)
  33. What is the strangest object you've used to masturbate vaginally or anally?
  34. Do you ever double penetrate while you masturbate?
  35. Do you ever suck on a dildo while you masturbate?
    I did it a few times
  36. Do you edge when you masturbate? (Get to the point of orgasm and stop repeatedly to enhance the experience)
  37. What position do you typically masturbate in?
  38. Describe a typical masturbation session.
  39. How often do you usually last?
  40. Whats the quickest you've ever been brought to orgasm?
    a few seconds
  41. What's the longest masturbation session you've had?
    maybe 2 or 3 hours
  42. What's the most amount of times you've cum in a day?
    7 times (when I was younger 😉)


  1. Are you straight/bi/gay/etc?
  2. How many relationships have you been in?
  3. What has been your longest relationship?
    the one with my current wife (almost 30 years now)
  4. How old were you when you had your first relationship?
    15 or 16
  5. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
  6. Have you ever used an online dating site?
  7. What do you look for in a partner?
  8. What do you look for in a hookup?
  9. Have you ever had a one-night-stand?
  10. Have you ever been a booty call?
  11. Have you ever had a booty call?
  12. Who was it?
    a friend of mine and his girl friend asked me to join them for a threesome, but I didn't do it
  13. Have you ever had a friend-with-benefits?
  14. Who was it?
    my wife (long before we've married)
  15. Have you ever cheated on a partner? Explain.
    yes: I've cheated on my previous girl friend with a girl who became my wife
  16. Have you ever been cheated on? Explain.
    no, not that I know of
  17. Would you ever be in an open relationship? Have you?
    kind of, I guess: my wife and I went to swinger clubs a long time ago

Porn & Sex Industry

  1. Do you watch porn?
  2. How often do you watch porn?
    a few times a week
  3. What is your favorite category?
    depends on my mood
  4. When is the last time you watched porn and what was it?
    yesterday, some video with Natalie Mars
  5. How do you feel about hentai (Anime Porn)?
    I like it
  6. How do you feel about gang-bang porn?
  7. How do you feel about cumshot porn?
    I love to see cumshots
  8. How do you feel about lesbian porn?
    can be really hot
  9. How do you feel about amateur porn?
    some are quite hot
  10. How do you feel about cuckold/cuckqueen/swinging porn?
    I like it
  11. How do you feel about threesome porn?
  12. How do you feel about teen porn?
    okay, when the "teens" are actually young-looking grown-ups; I'm not into paedophilia
  13. How do you feel about Japanese/Asian porn?
    I like the look of Asian girls
  14. How do you feel about mature porn?
  15. How do you feel about ebony porn?
  16. How do you feel about bondage porn?
    can be fun to watch
  17. How do you feel about masturbation/solo porn?
  18. How do you feel about rough/violent/humiliating porn?
    I like it, but mostly when it's about FemDom; I'm not so much into male domination
  19. How do you feel about BBW porn?
    it's not my favorite
  20. How do you feel about orgy/party porn?
  21. How do you feel about trans/shemale porn?
    I like girls with juicy dicks
  22. How do you feel about POV porn?
  23. How do you feel about blowjob porn?
  24. How do you feel about bukkake?
  25. How do you feel about extreme porn?
  26. Have you ever tried to recreate a scene?
  27. Have you ever used porn to show a partner what you like/want?
  28. Has a partner ever used porn to show you what they like/want?
  29. Who is your favorite pornstar(s)?
    Natalie Mars
  30. Have you considered getting into porn?
  31. Have you considered being a webcam performer?
    not really
  32. Have you watched cam girls?
  33. Do you have a favorite cam girl?
  34. Have you ever watched porn with a partner? Describe the experience(s).
    yes, with my wife to get us both hot for sex
  35. Have you ever watched a cam-show with a partner? Describe the experience(s).
  36. Have you ever performed in a cam-show with a partner? Describe the experience(s).
  37. Have you ever been to a strip club?
  38. Do you frequent strip clubs?
  39. Do you have a favorite strip club?
  40. Do you have a favorite stripper/dancer?
  41. Do you get lap dances or just watch the performances?
  42. What's your best strip club experience?
    A stripper pulled me onto the stage, had me lay down on my back and then danced at the pole right above me, giving me a great view of her pussy when she was lowering it above my face.
  43. Most embarrassing strip club experience?
    When I took some photos of the bachelor on stage with a stripper during his stag night and some bouncer told to stop doing this or I will have to leave.
  44. Funniest strip club experience?
  45. Have you ever orgasmed from a lap dance? Describe the experience(s).


  1. Are you a virgin?
  2. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
    about 17
  3. If you haven't, when would you like to?
  4. Explain your first time in detail.
    can't really remember; it wasn't very memeorable
  5. How many sexual partners have you had?
  6. Who was your best sex partner?
    my wife
  7. Did you tell someone after you lost your virginity? Who?
  8. Do you give oral sex?
  9. Have you received oral sex?
    on some rare occasions
  10. Do you prefer to give or receive oral sex?
    I love to give it, but would also like to receive it sometimes
  11. Have you had anal sex? How was your first experience?
  12. Do you have any friends you would hookup with?
  13. Have you wanted to have sex with someone, but couldn't? Why couldn't you?
  14. Do you like dirty talking?
  15. Do you like being called names?
  16. Do you like being called obscene names? (Bitch/Slut/Whore/Sissy/etc)
  17. Are you loud or quiet in bed?
  18. What's your favorite position?
  19. Have you ever invented a position?
  20. What's the strangest position you've tried?
  21. Have you ever been caught or walked in on while fucking?
  22. When is the last time you had sex? Describe the experience(s).
  23. When is the last time you received oral? Describe the experience(s).
  24. When is the last time you gave oral? Describe the experience(s).
  25. When is the last time you had anal sex? Describe the experience(s).
  26. Which celebrities would you want to have sex with?
  27. Any fictional characters you want to hookup with?
  28. Have you ever had shower sex? How was it?
    yes, it was wet
  29. What is your favorite position(s)?
  30. Where is the strangest or wildest place you've had sex/oral?
  31. Have you ever broken up with someone because they couldn't satisfy you?
  32. Have you used anything to improve sexual performance? (Penis Extenders/Tingling Lube/Cock Rings)
  33. Whats your most embarrassing sexual experience?
  34. Whats your funniest sex experience?
  35. Have you ever had any performance issues? What were they?
    sometimes I can't maintain a proper erection; I never made any woman cum just by fucking her
  36. Are you on birth control?
  37. Do you use condoms?
    when I have to
  38. Have you ever faked an orgasm? Describe the experience(s).
  39. Can other people get you off?
  40. Is there only one way you can cum? (i.e. Clitoral Stimulation Only/Anal Only/Toy/Specific Position)
  41. Have you ever been rejected? Have you ever rejected someone?
  42. Have you ever been stopped mid-sex? Describe the experience(s).
  43. Have you ever had sex outdoors? Describe the experience(s).
  44. Have you ever had sex in public? Describe the experience(s).
  45. Have you ever had sex in front of others? Describe the experience(s).
    yes: on the playground in a a swinger club
  46. Have you ever had sex in a car? Describe the experience(s).
  47. Have you ever given or received road head? Describe the experience(s).
  48. Have you ever had sex/oral/manual sex in a movie theater? Describe the experience(s).
  49. Have you ever had sex in a fitting room? Describe the experience(s).
  50. Have you ever had sex in a plane? Describe the experience(s).
  51. Have you ever had sex at work? Describe the experience(s).
  52. Explain your best sex experience in detail.
  53. Which non-genital parts of your body do you like being touched or stimulated?
  54. Do you ever take pictures or videos when you have sex? Explain the experience(s).
  55. Have you ever given a strip tease to a partner?
  56. Have you ever given a lap dance to a partner?
  57. Have you ever received a strip tease from a partner?
  58. Have you ever received a lap dance from a partner?
  59. Have you ever "titty-fucked" before?
  60. Has someone ever "titty-fucked" your breasts?
    nobody has ever tried "titty-fucking" my fake breasts
  61. Do you prefer your partner to be vocal/moan loudly?
  62. Do you enjoy having your nipples played with?
  63. Do you ever role-play?
  64. What situations or themes have you role-played?
  65. What would you like to role-play?
  66. Do you role play with costumes?
  67. Do prefer lingerie in the bedroom?
  68. Do you enjoy rough sex?
  69. What would you like to improve about your sex life?
    I would like it to happen more often
  70. Have you ever gone into public with hickeys? Did you know they were there?
  71. Have you ever had a threesome? Describe the experience.
  72. Would you like to have a threesome?
  73. Who would you like to have a threesome with?
    anyone (woman or man), when the chemistry is right
  74. Would your partner be okay with a threesome?
    not sure
  75. Would you like to be with two men at the same time?
  76. Would you like to be with two girls at the same time?
  77. Would you like to be with more than two girls at the same time?
  78. Would you like to be with more than two guys at the same time?
  79. Have you ever been double penetrated? Describe the experience(s).
  80. Have you ever had every hole filled or been involved with filling each hole? Describe the experience(s).
  81. Have you ever tried '69'? Explain the experience.
  82. Do you like cum or is it gross?
    I like it
  83. Have you ever tasted cum? Do you like it?
    yes, I like the taste
  84. Where is your favorite place to cum or receive cum?
  85. Have you ever had sex while on a period/with someone on a period?
  86. Do you listen to music while you have sex? What kind?
  87. Have you ever used a buttplug while having sex?
  88. Have you used any form of sex furniture? What kind?
  89. Have you ever brought toys into the bedroom with a partner? What kind? Describe the experience(s).
  90. Do you eat ass?
  91. Do you like to have your ass eaten?
    never tried it, but probably yes
  92. Have you ever anally fingered your partner?
  93. Do you like prostate play?
  94. Is it gay for a man to enjoy anal stimulation from a woman?
  95. Have you ever experienced a prostate orgasm?
  96. Have you ever double penetrated/been double penetrated with the assistance of a toy?
  97. Have you ever experimented with the same sex? Describe the experience(s).
    yes: I've sucked another man's cock, but stopped before he came
  98. Do you prefer sex with a man or with a woman?
    hard to tell with only so few experiences with men
  99. Have you ever had sex with another couple(s) monogamously? (Not touching the other couple(s))
  100. Have you ever watched another couple have sex?
  101. Have you ever gotten cum in your eye?
  102. Has anyone ever cum inside you on accident? How did you feel about that?
  103. Have you ever cum inside someone on accident? How did they respond?
    yes (premature ejaculation); she was not happy, but I finished the job with my tongue
  104. Have you ever cum in your pants? Describe the experience(s).
  105. Have you ever sexted?
  106. Do you like to play with balls/have your balls played with?
  107. Are hand jobs boring or are they underrated?
    hand jobs are great, especially when you don't get blow jobs
  108. Describe your average orgasm.
  109. Describe your average cumshot.
    3 or 4 spurts of cum, followed by a similar number of dry ones, all done in a few seconds
  110. Whats the quickest you've ever been brought to orgasm?
    a few seconds after I've put my cock into my wife's pussy
  111. Whats the quickest you've ever brought someone else to orgasm?
  112. How long are you usually able to last?
    depending on my horniness the range is between 2 and 15 minutes
  113. What's the most times you've had sex (or sexual contact with a partner) in a day?
  114. Whats your longest sex session?
    when my wife locks me up in chastity for a few weeks and uses me for her sexual pleasure while constantly teasing and denying me, and in the end rewards me with an orgasm, that's basically one very long sex session for me (and one I crave more than anything else)



  1. Have you ever bought a sex toy?
  2. What is the last sex toy you bought?
    an anal vibrator
  3. What sex toy do you currently want?
    nothing special
  4. Would you let someone buy you a sex toy?
  5. How many toys do you own?
  6. What kind of toys do you own?
    dildos, vibrators, butt-plugs, etc.
  7. What is your favorite toy?
  8. Have you ever used a washer/dryer as a sex toy?
  9. Have you ever used a shower head as a sex toy?
    I've tried, but couldn't cum
  10. Have you ever used a pocket pussy or Fleshlight?
  11. Have you ever improvised a sex toy? (Cucumber/Banana/Etc.)
  12. What is the strangest sex toy you've ever used?
  13. What is the strangest improvised sex toy you've ever used?
    a fake pussy made of a rubber glove in a beaker between two sponges
  14. Do you prefer sex toys or the real thing?
    the real thing
  15. Do you own any buttplugs?
  16. Do you ever wear a buttplug in public?
    yes, on rare occasions
  17. Do you have any vibrating panties?
  18. Do you ever wear vibrating panties in public?
  19. Do you like nipple clamps?


  1. What fetishes do you have?
    BDSM, crossdressing, feminine feet, watersports ("golden showers"), probably more
  2. What is your favorite fetish?
    feet & crossdressing
  3. Have you indulged in all your fetishes?
  4. What fetishes are you yet to experience?
    crossdressing and being with a man
  5. Are there any fetishes you don't have yet, but may be interested in?
    would like to try out diaper play
  6. Have you experienced BDSM? Do you practice it?
    yes, did it in the past, but not so much nowadays
  7. Are you a top/dominant a bottom/submissive or a switch?
  8. What is it about BDSM that you like?
    I like to give up my power and exist only to please my mistress/master. I like both the physical aspects of it (like bondage) as well as the emotional ones (like devoting myself to my partner).
  9. Have you experienced being tied up or restrained? Describe the experience.
    yes, I love the helpless feeling
  10. Have you experienced rope play? Describe the experience.
  11. Do you enjoy long, extended teasing/edging sessions?
    yes, yes, yes!
  12. What is the longest you've been teased/edged?
    not long enough, maybe 20-30 minutes
  13. Do you enjoy tease and denial?
  14. Do you like to be denied?
  15. Do you have a panty fetish?
  16. Have you ever purchased panties from a woman online?
  17. Have you ever used panties to masturbate? (Stuffing/Wrapping/Etc.)
    yes, while sniffing them
  18. Do you have a hosiery fetish?
    I wouldn't call it fetish, but I like it very much
  19. Do you like pain?
    yes, to a certain amount, when it pleases my mistress
  20. Do you like spanking/being spanked?
  21. What do you prefer to use to spank? (Paddles/Hands/Whips/Etc)
    whatever my mistress likes
  22. Do you like to hit or be hit? How hard?
    I like being hit, but not too hard
  23. Do you enjoy choking or being choked? How hard?
    never tried it yet
  24. Do you like to bite or be bit?
    both of it not so much
  25. Do you like to slap or be slapped?
    yes (be slapped)
  26. Do you like pulling or having your hair pulled?
    don't know, my hair is usually to short to have it pulled
  27. What is your safe-word?
  28. Have you ever done a cum-walk? (Walking in public with cum on your face/clothes/etc)
  29. Would you do a cum-walk?
  30. Are you an exhibitionist?
    maybe a little
  31. What was your best exhibitionism experience?
  32. Are you a cuckold?
    no, but sometimes I wish my wife would cuckold me
  33. Are you a cuckqueen?
  34. Are you a hotwife?
  35. Are you a bull?
    definitely no
  36. Would you like to watch your partner have sex with another person?
  37. Would you like to have your partner watch you with another person?
  38. Have you ever been cuckolded? Describe the experience
    My former girl friend (now wife) and I had a friend, with whom she has flirted a lot. I've encouraged her to go further and one day she drove to his home to have sex with him. I didn't know these days, that this was called cuckolding.
  39. Explain your best cuckold experience
    Only once I had the chance to see my wife being fucked by a stranger in a swinger club. He wasn't attractive, but at least I could watch. On two other occasions I couldn't watch, while she was fucking a friend, but both were still a great mindfuck for me.
  40. What is it about cuckolding that you like?
    I like to know (or better see) my girl friend/wife enjoying a good fuck from another man. Afterwards I would like to lick her used and cum-filled pussy.
  41. Do you like to be humiliated?
    yes (sexually)
  42. Do you like to humiliate your partner?
  43. Do you like to be humiliated while cuckolding or do you prefer a friendly environment.
    I guess I would like that
  44. Do you like to be forced into crossdressing?
  45. Do you like to be forced into feminization?
  46. Do you like to be forced into sissification?
  47. Have you ever fisted? Explain the experience.
  48. Do you like extreme insertion? Have you ever experienced it?
    once I had 40 cm double dildo completely in my ass
  49. Are you a swinger?
    actually not, but I've tried it in the past
  50. Do you soft-swap or hard-swap?
    would do any
  51. Have you ever been to a swingers club (with a partner)?
  52. Would you ever go to a swingers club (with a partner)?
  53. Explain your best swinging experience.
  54. Would you ever participate in an orgy? (4 or more people)
  55. Would you ever participate in a gang bang? (4 or more people)
  56. Have you ever pegged/been pegged? Describe the experience.
    I once have been pegged by my wife and had an anal orgasm, which was a great experience.
  57. Do you peg often?
  58. What is it about pegging that you like?
  59. Describe your best pegging experience.
  60. Do you enjoy large strap on dildos or smaller?
  61. Do you enjoy sucking or having your strap on sucked?
  62. Do you like incest?
  63. Have you ever experienced incest?
  64. Do you like face-sitting/smothering?
    I love it
  65. Do you have experience in face-sitting/smothering?
  66. Do you like weapon play?
  67. Do you like forced cum eating?
  68. Do you like rape play?
  69. Have you experienced rape play?
  70. Do you like to be dominated?
  71. Have you ever been dominated online?
  72. What's the most humiliating thing you've been forced to do?
  73. Do you enjoy pet-play?
  74. Do you like daddy dom/little play? Describe the experience(s).
  75. Do you like to be worshiped?
  76. Do you like to worship?
  77. Do you like to be spit on or spit on your partner?
    yes, I like to swallow my mistress' spit
  78. Do you like to keep the slave play in the bedroom or carry it over to real life?
    Yes, I like it when it's done outside the bedroom in a subtle way.
  79. Have you ever been suspended while having sex?
  80. Do you like ball-busting/CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)?
  81. Do you like to be told what to do?
  82. Do you enjoy giving/receiving JOIs? (Jerk Off Instructions)
    yes (receiving)
  83. Describe your best JOI experience.
  84. Have you ever given or received a foot job?
    yes (received it), but I would also like to try giving one
  85. Would you ever swap cum with your partner?
  86. Have you ever tried fetching? (Sucking cum from a partners anus or vagina after finishing)
    yes (sucked my own cum from my wife's vagina)
  87. Do you like watersports?
  88. Do you like sounding?
  89. Would you participate in a bukkake?
  90. Do you enjoy brat play?
  91. Have you ever participated in chastity?
  92. What is the longest you've been locked up or forced a partner to be locked up?
    I have been locked for 17 days.
  93. Have you ever cum while in chastity?
    Once I almost did while holding a vibrator to my cage. But I didn't want to betray my keyholder wife, so I stopped.
  94. Have you ever experienced a full friction/lap dance?
  95. Have you ever cum or made someone cum from a full friction lap dance/grinding?
  96. Do you enjoy outercourse/hotdogging/pussyjobs?
  97. Do you enjoy cumming or watching someone cum over strange objects?
  98. What is the strangest way anyone has made you cum?
  99. What is the strangest way you've made anyone cum?
  100. Do you enjoy forced cum eating?
  101. Do you enjoy premature ejaculation?
    no, unless it satisfies my wife to humiliate me because of my pathetic performance
  102. Have you ever experienced a ruined orgasm? Describe the experience(s).
    yes, I've masturbated myself and then stopped to let my cum dribble out of my penis
  103. Have you ever had your prostate milked or milked a prostate?
    yes, I've milked my own occasionally

This or That

  1. Vaginal or Anal
  2. Vaginal or Oral
  3. Oral or Anal
  4. Handjob or Oral
  5. Handjob or Anal
  6. Handjob or Vaginal
  7. What feels better, masturbation or sex
  8. Rough Sex or Intimate Sex
  9. Car Sex or Outdoor Sex
    Outdoor Sex
  10. Dominant or Submissive
    Submissive (me)
  11. Spit or Swallow
  12. Facial or Cum on Tits
    Cum on Tits (active); Facial (passive)
  13. Facial or Cum in Mouth
    Cum in Mouth (active & passive)
  14. Facial or Cum on Ass
    Cum on Ass (active); Facial (passive)
  15. Facial or Cum on Belly
    Cum on Belly (active); Facial (passive)
  16. Cum on Tits or Cum in Mouth
    Cum in Mouth (active & passive)
  17. Cum on Tits or Cum on Ass
  18. Cum on Tits or Cum on Belly
  19. Facial or Creampie
  20. Facial or Anal Creampie
  21. Vaginal Creampie or Anal Creampie
  22. Circumcised or Uncircumcised
  23. Boxers or Briefs
  24. Tits or Ass
  25. Ruined or Complete Orgasm
    depends on the current situation: when I'm in chastity I would prefer ruined orgasms to keep me in the right mood, otherwise I would prefer complete ones
  26. Vaginal or Clitoral Orgasm
    I neither have a vagina nor a clitoris, but my wife can only cum with clitoral stimulation
  27. Prostate Orgasm or Regular
    depends on the current situation: when I'm in chastity I would prefer prostate orgasms to keep me in the right mood, otherwise I would prefer regular ones
  28. Cuckolding or Swinging
  29. Pegging or Grinding
  30. Lap Dance or Strip Tease
  31. Grinding Orgasm or Titty-Fucking Orgasm
  32. Be Humiliated or Worshiped
    be humiliated and made to worship my wife
  33. Footjob or Hotdogging
  34. Lace Panties or Cotton Panties
    Lace Panties
  35. Latex or Leather
  36. Silicone Dildo or Glass Dildo
    Silicone Dildo
  37. Dildo or Vibrator
  38. Hitachi or Sybian
    Hitachi, but would love to try a Sybian once
  39. Real Cock or Sex Toy Cock
  40. Real Pussy or Fleshlight/Pocket Pussy
  41. Cam Sites or Porn Sites
  42. Strip Clubs or Porn
  43. Dirty Talk or Loud Moaning
  44. Faked Orgasm or Premature Ejaculation
  45. Cum on Clothes or Cum in Hair
  46. Lingerie or Naked
  47. CFNM or Naked
  48. Corset or Bustier
  49. Thongs or Cheekies
  50. Porn or Sex
  51. JOI or Lap Dance
  52. Fishnets or Nylons
  53. Big Dick or Small Dick
    Big Dick
  54. 9" Dick or 4.5"Dick
    9" Dick
  55. Length or Girth
  56. Big Tits or Small Tits
    Big Tits
  57. Petite or Chunky
  58. Muscular or Average
  59. Beard or Shaven
  60. Pubic Hair or None
  61. Thigh Gap or Thick Thighs
    Thigh Gap
  62. Twerking or Slow Tease
  63. Prostate Orgasm or Frenulum Orgasm
  64. Anal, Clitoral or G-Spot Orgasm
  65. Big Ass or Tight, Toned Ass
    Tight, Toned Ass
  66. Skinny or big
  67. Nerdy or Preppy
  68. Cheerleader or Nurse
  69. Firefighter or Cop
  70. Sex on the Beach or Sex on a Plane
  71. Sex in Public or Sex in a Car
  72. Vibrating Panties or Butt Plug
  73. Ball Licking or Rimming
  74. Nipple Stimulation or Neck Stimulation
  75. Hair Pulling or Spanking
  76. Choking or Slapping
  77. Big Dildo or Small Dildo
    big dildo
  78. Realistic Dildo or Smooth Dildo
  79. On Top or On Bottom
  80. Long Hair or Short Hair
    long hair
  81. Giving Head or Receiving Head
  82. Getting Anal or Giving Anal
  83. Pussy and Anal Penetration or Ass and Mouth Penetration
  84. Two Girls or Two Guys
  85. Bukakke or Glory Hole
  86. Reverse Gang Bang or Male Gang Bang
  87. Doggy Style or Missionary
  88. Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl
  89. Cuckold or Be Cuckolded
  90. Cum On Someone or Be Cummed On
  91. Drunk Sex or High Sex
    High Sex
  92. Slow or Fast
  93. Veiny Dick or Curved Dick
    Veiny Dick

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